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Animals and plants

The Dear reader! We invite you to make fascinating travel to the wildlife and ecology world. Authors of a site do not apply for material ordering, a statement of articles in strict sequence. The main thing that composers pursued – to collect in one place interesting materials from a life of animals, plants, mushrooms, bacteria.


Here you will find stories about nature history, its present and prospective future. The attention to unity of a structure of lifeless and live organisms from identical chemical elements is paid, mutual relations in the nature between kinds, adaptations of various organisms to environment are considered.

The Offered materials are presented in the form of the separate articles which at first sight in any way have been not interconnected, but, nevertheless, it is possible to track some laws. The beginning is devoted to proofs and theories of an origin of a life on the Earth. It is supposed that the reader already possesses sufficient knowledge in this area and wishes to fill up them with something unusual, disputable.

For today some theories of an origin of a life are known:

  • Kreatsionizm;
  • Self-origin;
  • the Steady state;
  • Panspermii;
  • Chemical and biological evolution.

From all the most proved and classical last is considered. Some surprising facts of this theory are presented in article sections "¤Ёюшё§юцфхэшх цшчэш": "-шъръш§ ёѕфхё" "¤Ёюё=р  =хюЁш " "Лфштш=хыіэ№х Ёхчѕыі=р=№". .

It is known that the history of live forms begins in arhejskuju an era. To sozheleniju, about it while it is a little known. The Great interest is caused by finds and researches of a mesozoic era and is concrete jurskogo the period at which lived and dinosaurs have sharply died out. It is more than questions than answers: what they were? Than ate? Than their specific variety is caused? Why have died out? Some answers to the put questions can be found in article sections "-шэючртЁ№": "¦яю§р фшэючртЁют" "+шсхыі" whether "Гэрх=х т№?".

In the modern live world there are four kingdoms: Plants, Animal, Mushrooms, Prokarioty. They live in close interaction with each other and depend on environment conditions. The published materials tell about this interaction, about systematisation, classification, anatomy, physiology of plants, animal and other organisms.

In articles about plants the attention to that fact that exists their two groups is paid: the higher and the lowest. The lowest differ that have no bodies and fabrics. It basically departments of seaweed, but at seaweed is traced all evolution sexual and sexless razmnozheny. At spirogiry the very first sexual process – konjugatsija is observed. Konjugatsija further it is traced at higher organisms and at the person at mejoze during formation of gametes.

Gradually plants leave water on a land. Essentially new forms are necessary to adapt to dwelling in the new environment. We see as fabrics and bodies, and also a way of reproduction – disputes are formed. Evolution of plants is considered in article sections "НрЁё=тю Ёрё=хэшщ": "¦§ш and яхёхэюёэшъш" "¤=хЁюфю¶ш=№" "+юыюёхьхээ№х" "¤юъЁ№=юёхьхээ№х".

Pokrytosemennye - most vysokoorganizovannaja the vegetative form. Representatives of this department have occupied all ecological spaces, and on that is very weighty reasons. Their high organisation and adaptations are resulted in sections of articles "НрЁё=тю Ёрё=хэшщ" "Ишчшюыюуш  Ёрё=хэшщ" "+я№ыхэшх":

  • Cages of plants;
  • Photosynthesis;
  • Breath;
  • Transpiratsija;
  • a sheet Structure;
  • a Food;
  • the Building material;
  • Karlikovost;
  • Fotoperiodizm;
  • Force of light;
  • Pollination by a wind;
  • Entomophily;
  • Water pollination;
  • Adaptations to insects;
  • Predatory plants.

The Kingdom Mushrooms and the kingdom of Prokarioty including podtsarstvo the Bacteria and Tsianobakterii on a planet most ancient. From them have occurred and eukarioty, and photosynthetics. Features of their structure and value as main things redutsentov in ecosystems is considered now in sections "+Ёшс№" and "…ръ=хЁшш".

The Fauna as is interesting by the origin. For example, not everyone knows that the first land, breathing atmosphere oxygen, were ancient paukoobraznymi, namely scorpions - ancestors there is no time prospering trilobitov. Now they enter into huge type: the Arthropods, occurred from mnogoshchetinkovyh hearts. Them shchetinki, parapodii, have given rise to all "т№Ёюё=рь" arthropods: short moustaches, finitenesses, nogocheljusti.

Gills, dyhaltsa and lungs of arthropods also have occurred from parapody ancient mnogoshchetinkovyh hearts. Now arthropods – the most numerous type of animals, are included in it three classes: Crustacea, Paukoobraznye, Scorpions. Features of their structure and ecology are included in sections of corresponding articles:

  • Difficulties of growth;
  • a body Structure;
  • Floating and drifting;
  • All on a kind;
  • a Food through the filter;
  • the Live crust;
  • the Dangerous inhabitancy;
  • Polzuny and shchelkuny;
  • Wood lice;
  • the Main thing – in time to be washed off;
  • Nogoshchupaltsa;
  • Tireless prjadilshchiki;
  • Feet and claws;
  • Under favour of the darkness and so on.

Mammals – most vysokoorganizovannaja group. Representatives of this class by origin share on three groups: Pervozveri (Jajtsekladushchie, Kloachnye), Marsupials (Kangaroo) and Placentary. In resulted articles the ecology and a structure of representatives Placentary where the special attention is given their role in feed circuits in ecosystems is shown. Naturally, all of them konsumenty, but a theme of our conversation - their place in a pyramid of trophic communications.

Konsumentami primary are rastitelnojadnye: elephants, deer, giraffes, fibers and others. Konsumentami secondary (predators) are wolves, the big cats. In the seas, as far as it is known, the overland trophic chain is not shown, there other mutual relations. Adaptations to vtorichnovodnomu are shown dwelling in articles: "Лёр=№х ъш=№" "Л°рё=№х =¦ыхэш" "-хыі¶шэ№". Adaptations to air dwelling are described in materials: "-х=ѕёшх ьыхъюяш=р¦Ёшх". Adaptations concerning sense organs are considered in articles "+Ёурэ№ feelings ьыхъюяш=р¦Ёш§".

And, at last, we have tried to tell about all mutual relations of wildlife and lifeless components, on any concrete example. The choice has appeared, in our opinion the most successful: bogs is the most ancient ecological system and as it longest evolved, the example of an ecosystem of a bog is resulted.